Accounting Information Systems: The Processes and Controls, 3rd Edition

Leslie Turner, Andrea Weickgenannt and Mary Kay Copeland


Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance and AA Dynamics Training have collaboratively developed low cost, outstanding course textbook, materials and cloud access for Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Understanding ERP and Accounting Information Systems using Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Full professional training materials for Getting Started, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Sales Order Processing, Accounts Payable and Purchase Order Processing. These are the same materials used to train professionals in the field on Microsoft Dynamics GP. Professors can also elect Getting Started, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable only.
  • Cloud Access to Microsoft Dynamics GP for each student for a full semester. The Cloud access provider provides login and systems support. No more nightmare labs of trying to get software installed or trouble shooting systems issues. (Faculty access provided at no charge)
  • Preconfigured Database with extensive data and divisions set up for each student
  • Over 100 pages or exercises for students to complete in each module
  • Easy to grade assignment using Smart List and grading templates
  • Multiple choice and project exam questions.
  • Available for Spring or Fall 2017
  • Can be used for online or outside of class work or in class work
  • Faculty need not have extensive experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Assistance with integrating with your current coursework provided
  • Low cost faculty getting started boot camp offered in May 2017 in Palm Beach, Florida


For more information, contact:

Mary Kay Copeland, CPA, MBA, PhD


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