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Our Approach

AA+ Dynamics Training is committed to helping students and professionalsprepare for an exciting career in ERP or CRM management consulting through jumpstart bootcamps and subsequent college and university courses that provide hands on learning and ERP/CRM theoretical foundational concepts. AA+ Dynamics Training is a collaborative organization with Palm Beach Atlantic University, a Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance University. AA+ Dynamics Training also partners with other leading Microsoft DynAA schools and partner organizations throughout the world.

Offerings Include:

Quick start Bootcamps – One week jumpstart learning opportunities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Financials, Operations, Sales and Service) College Coursework – three credit graduate and undergraduate college courses that can be transferred back to your home institution or combined to earn a degree at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Courses generally satisfy Accounting Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Information Systems/Computer Science or Marketing (CRM) requirements. Microsoft Student Certificates – Students completing the boot camp and one online course or two online courses in Microsoft Dynamics will be issued a Microsoft Dynamics Student certificate from Microsoft. Enterprise Systems Graduate Certificates – Students and professionals that complete four online university courses will be awarded both the Microsoft student certificate and an Enterprise Systems Graduate Certificate. These courses will qualify in most states toward an accounting students 150 hour coursework requirements. The graduate certificate is also a way to strengthen any student’s or professional’s resume.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Mary Kay Copeland, CPA

Dr. Copeland has been training and implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions for over 25 years. She works with other Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance schools to try to increase the opportunities for students.

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Microsoft Dynamics

AA+ Dynamics Training, through its partnership with Palm Beach Atlantic University  is a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance program (BAAC) and collaborates with DynAA / BAAC member universities throughout the world to provide premier Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ERP/CRM training and coursework.


Microsoft, Partners and Professors

Partner organizations providing student training in 2017 include: