College Course Credit

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM coursework adds marketable skills to any resume.
Students or professionals who want to also earn undergraduate or graduate course
credit can complete any of the following courses.

Learn Microsoft Dynamics and earn College Course Credit

Two Course Microsoft Student Certificate Program (Choose any two (3) credit courses). 

Four Course Undergraduate or Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Systems Consulting (Four course certificate that also includes a Microsoft Student Certificate)

The following courses can be substituted for ERP2, ERP3 or CRM1

Course credit is available from accredited accounting/information systems and business university and can be transferred to your institution.

Courses are compliant with CPA course requirements and can be used for coursework in 120 hour or 150 accounting or CPA preparatory curriculum. Request a transfer course credit packet for information for your college or university.

Students can enroll in Undergraduate and graduate coursework to gain additional exposure to Dynamics 365.

CPA/Accounting students – Earn an undergraduate or graduate certificate in Dynamics 365 and apply credits toward your 120 or 150 credit hour requirements for the CPA exam.

For More Information:

Dr. Mary Kay Copeland, CPA